Failure, disappointment
Also comes to those who wait
To those who strive
To those who dreamed and tried
But don’t let it drown you
Don’t let it ripped you through
Never give up!
Don’t look in another direction
Stay motivated, focused
The house you built
Will open its door for you once more



it’s not what is served on the table, but who you’re eating with;
it’s not the marble, the glass, the linen, but who’s in it;
it’s not the space and time, not the world either
it’s the child’s embrace, the genuine laughter
it’s the one who stands waiting on the door
the one who thinks you’re enough
the reason, the inspiration… nothing more.
– liz.v –

“Puzzles That Fit”

  • After years of marriage, going through life’s unique challenges and difficulties, the more we realized that we are the missing piece to each others’ puzzle. Love would not give you an “all time” happiness. It’s entwined with pain and tears, suffering, and even fear. Life gave us challenges that seem so hard to face and win. Our first born accumulated a disease that is non-responsive to medications, that even lab tests couldn’t figure out the cause. Every seizure attack is like a knife trusting into our hearts. Seeing our precious Luke jerking, whole body getting stiff, and turning blue, is more than we can carry, but cannot let go. Our continuous search for cure, people’s unfaltering criticisms, and financial restrictions have almost “totally” drained us. Though we are not into giving up, these situations led us to finally accept that God gave us Luke as a gift, a blessing, that all we need to do is love and cherish him, take care of him and accept him wholeheartedly in spite of his condition. That is what we are doing the moment he was conceived, and that would always be until our last breath. And maybe, even after we’re gone.  And then God gave us Zyrah, then Alexa. Another breath of hope, beauty and intelligence. We never ceased being thankful for all the joy these kids have brought into our lives. We still have cloudy days, but that doesn’t mean that life would soon be turning gray. It is not what we have on our table, but who we are eating with. I think if you have a family, you are rich after all. Through the years, we continue being who we are, keeping the love alive, dreaming good dreams for our beloved children, and trying every possible way to make them come true… in God’s grace and time…