What Makes a Team : The Outreach Story


Trying to come up with a way to celebrate SR’s 1st year anniversary, ourTeam Leader suggested having an outreach program for the special children at Elsie Gaches. These children vary from having developmental delays that catch up quickly or remain stagnant; mild learning disabilities to profound mental retardation; food allergies, terminal illness; occasional panic attacks to a more serious psychiatric problem. Some of these kids might need medicine, therapy or extra help in mobility, but most of all they surely need extra care and love.

Scheduled March 16, 2013, everybody agreed to pursue this mission despite the fact that these won’t be an easy task. The plan was laid, but will everybody cooperate? Working on a team can normally prove very challenging, with all of the variations in personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. The development of any organization requires opinions of the team members and to listen openly and selflessly…believing that their voices will bring about the right strategy for any given situation.

This will be a feeding program accompanied by parlor games and presentation. Accumulated toys and clothes were also donated. It was an impromptu activity since the availability of the Mascot, who’s supposed to lead the party, was hindered by conflicting schedules. Bound by faith that the show must go on, every team member agreed to contribute, showcasing their individual talents. The floor was filled with laughter…and tears, as they sing, dance and act.

After serving the food, the program was concluded with a song “if we hold on together”, taking each other’s hands and encircling the kids with a tune full of love. The look of gratitude and happiness on the faces of these children are enough to let us know we’re making a difference. We made it, not because we’re good, but because we did it as a TEAM.

There’s no better way to celebrate SR’s 1st Anniversary than to work side by side with your colleagues…experiencing the value of teamwork and equality that no matter what the circumstances may be, we all deserve to be loved and accepted… the “Outreach story”.


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